Mr. Ssanket jayant popat

Ssanket Jayant Popat is a reputed spiritual and wellness coach in Mumbai who has been practicing Tarot Reading, Numerology, Chakra & Kundalini Healing and other modalities for quite a long time.
Hailing from a reputed Gujarati Business Family, Ssanket had his heart set on the occult. On a 31st March 2015 morning, Ssanket decided to quit his family business of Custom clearing & Forwarding and devote all his time to astrology and spiritual wellness. He’s been a life coach, ever since.
He believes everything is energy and when the time comes, the universe makes sure you meet the right person who can be a guide and help you sail through your life easily.




Tarot Rituals

Interpretation of Tarot cards is a major aspect of Tarot reading but when a person wants a solution for a specific problem many readers take recourse to certain processes called Tarot Rituals. There are separate rituals for separate problems.

A ritual helps to focus your intent, will and your attention on the thing you want to achieve or change. Focusing on your intent stops the mind from wandering and influencing the reading. Not only are Tarot rituals integral to a Tarot reading, but very necessary. They prepare the reader and clear psychic space, helping to keep unfavorable influences at bay, thereby maintaining a readings integrity. Items used in Tarot rituals can vary from blades of grass to energy crystals. 

People have been known to use leather bags, crystals, candles, incense sticks, pouches, beads and various other items to help channelise the reading so as to attain a more accurate and pin-pointed solution to the problems faced by the customers. Rituals are flexible depending on the situation, for example, if the time available is short, the ritual can be speeded-up by omitting unnecessary detail.

Tarot rituals not only benefit the customer but the Tarot card reader too. Through these rituals the reader experiences an increase in confidence and an assurance that they are conducting themselves appropriately, that aren’t influencing the reading in any way, but are in fact allowing the Universal Source and its message for the seeker to flow through them.


Mr Ssanket Popat has tremendous knowledge and command on his subject being numerologist. He is not only great human being but also effective healer too!

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