Your cards can show your future

This 4-Days LIVE Workshop will take you through a step by step approach of mastering this intuitive language of traditional playing cards.
Learn How To Analyze What The Future Holds For You Using an Ordinary Deck of Cards…
It is much easier than Tarot Card Reading and much accessible too because you already have used a set of cards to play games like teen patti. 

What you'll Learn in the workshop:

✅ Basic Introduction To Cartomancy
✅ Shuffling and Revealing Cards
✅ Modern Definitions, Significances and Symbolisms for Cards
✅ Creating A Special Bond With Your Cards
✅ How To Use These Cards to Receive Immediate Answers to Your Questions
✅ Decoding Personalities of Different Face Cards
✅ Meaning of each card from Aces to Joker
✅ How To Consult Your Cards To Make Your Life Better Moving Forward
✅ Steps To Take Before Becoming a Fortune Teller and Helping Others With The Knowledge You Learn & Implement in This Workshop 
You will also receive Certificate and Manual post workshop. 
 Investment: Rs. 12,000 
 To Register & For More Details, Contact Riddhi: +91- 9136103157
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