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    Freedom From Stress And Anxiety, This Independence Day

    If you’re having headaches very often, have an upset stomach every now and then, more than regular high blood pressure, chest pain, or bad sex life or have interrupted sleep, it could all be due to the stress and anxiety you are going through. Break free from the evils of stress, anxiety, and depression. Embrace a holistic lifestyle by adopting alternative healing therapies such as meditation, laughter therapy, sound healing and art therapy in your daily routine. To know how it helps, click on the above link.

  • The Hans India

    How To Achieve Better Work-Life Balance – By Life Coach Ssanket Popat

    While whether 'you-can-have-it-all' is debatable, we are all running after that perfect life. Mundane is hectic. Right from excelling at the job, to being a great partner and a super-parent... there's a lot on your plate. Maintaining a work-life balance is the need of the hour. With your well-being at the core, I'd like to share these simple life mantras to help you lead a fulfilling life. A few tips from the spiritual and wellness coach for a stress-free life. Click on the image or the link above to read more!


    How Holistic & Spiritual Healing Can Help Us

    It is important to attract happiness and overall wellbeing for that, we need to look at changing our lifestyle in a holistic way!


    How to reduce stress by Ssanket Popat

    The stress of modern day life is slowly taking away simple joy of living thus attracting lifestyle diseases like stress, anxiety, hypertension etc. that further leads to issues like depression, aloofness, addictions, strained relations.