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Soul is indestructible, but body is. As the soul travels from one bodily form to another in form if incarnations, it gets burdened by the deeds or the Karma?s which it does complete in that particular incarnation.

Egyptians believed in the phenomenon of life after death. Reincarnation is the fundamental principle on which various principles of Hinduism are based and derived from. Reincarnation is a method of learning and cleansing. It is a phenomenon through which a soul learns and gets rid of all the bad Karma’s committed by it in its previous incarnation in the present one.

Law of Karma is based upon the fundamental principle of nature
according to which when there is an action there is always an equal and opposite reaction. The universe is impartial to one’s action. If one does good actions or karma’s he or she reaps good incidences and actions in return, on the contrary if one does bad karma’s equal and opposite reaction or effect to it shall be inevitable to him or her.

Our past life has a lot of bearing on our present life. It is believed in the Chinese mythology a deity Meng Po famously known and recognized as Lady of Forgetfulness, feed the departing souls with a bittersweet kind of magical drink and thus the soul forgets all its memories in the next incarnation in which it is born. French man Allan Kardec researched and published several books on the topic of past life regression and the most famous being The Spirits Book.

Past life regression therapy aims to provide the solutions and answers to a person through their memories and recalls of their past life. Past-Life regression consultants and practitioners use various techniques like hypnosis and timeline in order to help their patients to recall their memories and instances of their past life or their incarnations. They design such questions and techniques which help them to illicit various answers and reaction or statements which are believed to be from their past life instances and karmas and which relate directly to their past life identity.
Past life regression therapy is a branch of alternate science in which paranormal techniques are used to alleviate the troubles of patient in their present life. The troubles and problems may range from simple household problems or physical problems like lack of sleep or bad dreams, or major problems like marital problems or financial crises.

Various instances and experiences weather painful or joyful, create powerful impression or an effect upon ones soul since they have a strong emotional charge or memories related to it or to that particular incidence.

Such impressions could lead to a set of negative beliefs, impressions and associations. Such impressions weather good or bad can have an effect on our choices, nature, and character and could lead to various emotional imbalances and turbulence even several lives later. Past life regression therapy helps a person to unearth such incidences related to the past lives of a person and could thus help to reach the root cause of one’s problems in his or her present life.

Past-Life regression consultants or practitioners access memories of one’s past-life or previous incarnation. The techniques of the Past-Life therapy ranges from simple to more complex like hypnosis and deep meditation.
Such techniques are done in a much focused way, using various aids and guidance systems in order to find various instances and memories which are relevant to the issues we would like to change and improve upon in our present life.

Past life regression therapy solves the patients current problems by tracing it all the way back to the original imprint in the patients past life or incarnation and thus a powerful and a holistic healing process is engaged, and thus it allows ones should to gain freedom from the sins and actions weather good or bad from its past life incarnations and thus helps it to regain freedom.
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